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Philadelphia is served by the Philadelphia Courts, the First Judicial District of Pennsylvania it is located and also served by Philadelphia County lawyers. The Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia, the court that has general jurisdiction over most types of cases, is composed of ninety full time judges. These courts have existed since 1776 when they were incorporated by the Pennsylvania Constitution. The Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia is supervised by a President Judge who is elected for a five year term by the other judges in the Common Pleas Court, and charged with running the court and making sure the other judges have assigned cases and courtrooms. Many people are employed in Philadelphia in the legal profession, and many get their first exposure with paralegal training in Pennsylvania, later going to law school to become attorneys.

Many Philadelphia lawyers specialize in Family Law, and with an abundance of Child Support lawyers assisting clients in the city of brotherly love. All active Pennsylvania Lawyers are certified to practice law by the state and/or local bar association.

With so many judges that your case might be assigned to, it is important to get a lawyer who is comfortable in front of any of them. If you need a lawyer with experience in a specific area of law, please consult one of these pages — Personal Injury Lawyers in Philadelphia, Bankruptcy Lawyers in Philadelphia, Employment Discrimination Lawyers in Philadelphia.